Best Screen Replacement Kits for iPhone x

One of the worst things that can happen to you when having your iPhone X is to have a broken or scratched screen. The iPhone X needs special handling for you to replace the screen. However, the procedure is more affordable when you do it by yourself rather than going to a service station. 

We have seen many screen replacement kits online that give you the freedom to restore your broken iPhone X screen the way it was before. That is why we have chosen three of the best iPhone x replacement screen kits for you. They are widely available on Amazon and you can order them right away.

Let’s check their qualities and then choose the one that is more suitable for you.

Best iPhone x Replacement screen kits to buy in 2022

HBJH Premium Screen Replacement for iPhone X

The HBJH screen replacement kit is the one that most of the users prefer to order. It comes at the price of $35.77 and can become one of the most precious gifts you ever had. The kit is compatible with all the iPhone X models.

It may also cover scratches and touch screen issues. That is why the replacement kit always comes with the protective glass that you should always place when done. The procedure is easy and there are many videos showing you what you need to do.

HBJH also gives you the chance to replace it within 30 days of the initial purchase. It has been the only screen replacement kit that allows you to do so. The HBJH kit comes with a wide series of tools and screwdrivers as well as glues that you will need to replace the screen of your iPhone X.

Afeax Compatible iPhone X Screen Replacement Kit

The second most popular choice for the replacement of your iPhoneX screen remains the Afeax kit. It comes from a popular cell phone peripherals manufacturer that has been tested for the quality of its products. The kit sells at the price of $69.95 and is the only one that comes with an online tutoring program. 

The replacement screen has the highest level of clarity and transparency across the competition. It is one of the few compatible with iPhone X replacement screen kits that give you all the high-tech tools to do it all by yourself.

Afeax is the number one screen replacement for iPhone X and can give you a new screen in a matter of minutes.

JPUNG  iPhone X Screen Replacement 6.1″

Finally, the JPUNG technology has recently entered the iPhone X kit replacement screen sector. The kit is sold at the price of $79.99 that is one of the highest online but still a lot lower than getting your iPhone to the service center.

JPUNG can give you a 6-month guarantee for the product and make sure you are going to have some perfect touch screen experiences with your iPhone X. Not to mention, that JPUNG has also enclosed all the necessary tools to go through the whole process. 

This model comes with an unprecedented quality of the screen display and is also resistant to water and moisture. You are going to spend less time looking for videos online to check the right procedure for your screen replacement. That happens because JPUNG has recently created a site where you can find all the information you need. 

The JPUNG iPhone X screen replacement kit comes with a 30-days money back guarantee that makes you feel more secure for your purchase. No matter how shocking it could be, that screen replacement kit makes your iPhone X look brand new. Even people who have the money to get their smartphones to the service centers prefer to buy the JPUNG replacement kit. 

After all it is easier and funnier to have your iPhone X fixed all by yourself. JPUNG simply commits that you will have a state of the art screenplay and touch screen that you have never seen before. 

Final Words

There is no reason to hurry up. These replacement screen kits are always available and you can find the one that is more suitable for you for immediate delivery. You are going to find the ultimate solution for your cracked iPhone X screen.

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